Stadt & Raum Immobilien Fenner GmbH


We specialize in arranging residential estates in the metropolitan Berlin-Brandenburg Region. From inner city living to multi-family housing, we can find you the ideal city apartment, or even show you Berlin’s most luxurious lofts and Wilhelmina style mansions.

As full-service brokers, we are able to offer you professional consultations in both selling and buying property. We dedicate ourselves to each property with elevated enthusiasm. We will also assist property owners who intend on leasing single apartments, apartment buildings and/or commercial property. As condominiums continue to play a competitive role in the real estate market, we offer supreme services that will guarantee your satisfaction.

In addition to potential buyers, potential tenants can also be advised. As stated above, our first priority continues to be our customer’s happiness. We will be happy to use our resources to assure that you find your dream home!