Stadt & Raum Immobilien Fenner GmbH

Job Opportunities

At our company, we strive for optimal growth, just as any successful company, soccer team or country in the world aims for a healthy expansion. We welcome applications from individuals who are innovative, charismatic and dedicated to providing excellent service. We are therefore in search of potential fellow employees who are committed to our company philosophy as well as committed to contributing to the growth and success of our company.


We are currently accepting applications for potential employers.

- Potential candidates are expected to be highly motivated, competitive, have excellent communication and interpersonal skills as well as be able to provide honest and confident feedback to clients
- Full time as well as part time positions are available

Our ever-growing real estate agency currently consists of five brokers. We specialize in handling property based in the Berlin-Brandenburg Metropolitan Region and primarily assist our clients in buying as well as leasing apartment and standard housing.

In order for us to achieve our intended goals of excellence, we find it necessary to continue to build our team with competent and competitive individuals who are able to ally themselves with our company philosophy.

Interested people should have a solid educational background and professional appearance. All applicants should clearly be interested as well as experienced in real estate management. Potentially people should therefore be able to positively and proactively handle customer concerns and prioritize multiple assignments simultaneously. Applicants who have a working clientele are especially appreciated as well as those applicants who have their own personal mode of transportation.

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