Stadt & Raum Immobilien Fenner GmbH

Property Tracking

With our “Property Tracking” system, you are more than welcome to monitor the activity of your listed properties. Simply fill in your personal password and within minutes you will be able to supervise the progress of your properties any time of day!
The following information can be accessed from your online “Property Tracking” account, which we will personally arrange for you:
  • Where and which platforms are being used to advertise your property.
  • Information about potential buyers and/or tenants.
  • Call history with potential buyers or tenants, as well as a short summary of what took place within those conversations.
  • Scheduled open houses as well as scheduled viewings of your property. Included will be a report of the results of each viewing.
Our Property-Tracking-Service enables you to always be informed about the financial state of your property and with this service, you can also personally track the progress of your financial investment.
In order to begin tracking your property you will need to enter your individual data. Please log in by using your username and password.
Bitte loggen Sie sich mit Ihrem Benutzernamen und Passwort ein.