Stadt & Raum Immobilien Fenner GmbH


1. Our offer is made on the basis of information provided to us by the client or other authorized informants.
We cannot assume any liability for accuracy or completeness. Errors excepted. Subject to prior sale and/or rental.

2. The agency agreement with us/or our agent is made either through a written agreement or also through use of our agency work on the basis of the property summary and its conditions.

3. The offers are intended exclusively for the offer recipient, and must be treated confidentially.
If they are given to third parties without our consent, the offer recipient is required to pay the customary or agreed commission if third parties conclude the transaction without having made an agency agreement with us.

4. We are entitled to work on a commission basis for the other contracting party, as well.

5. The commission claim is not affected by the fact that instead of the originally intended transaction another comes about.

6. (e.g., purchase instead of rental or vice versa, purchase through foreclosure sale, insofar as we have procured materials regarding valuation of the property (court appraisal), instead of negotiated purchase) insofar as the economic success does not substantially deviate from our offer.

7. The commission is earned and payable on conclusion of the contract in the proper form or on conclusion of an equal-value transaction in connection with the offer submitted by the agent. Purchase and use conditions must be provided to us by the customer.

8. Right of retention and set-off against commission demands are precluded hereby insofar as the demand subject to set-off has not been finally and unappealably established.

9. Showing of the offered property by us is considered acknowledged unless the recipient shows in writing immediately after receipt that the property was offered to him by another party (but precluded in case of exclusive order).The amounts shown in the respective offers (cf. item 1) are payable as commission on conclusion of the contract.

10. Place of fulfillment is Berlin/Germany. In case of disputes, the courts of Berlin shall have jurisdiction and venue.

11. Should one or more of the above provisions be or become invalid, the validity of the remaining provisions shall not be affected thereby. The invalid provision should be replaced between the parties with an arrangement that most closely approximates the economic interests of the contracting parties and in other respects does not run contrary to the contractual agreement.